Unpopular Liberal Opinions: I’m Against Hate Crimes

I expect most people will see that title and scroll on past, possibly unfollowing me in the process. That’s okay. For those of you that do read this, I hope you consider my thought processes and point of view and then engage in some respectful discussion if you disagree. (I would love to understand your point of view, if you can explain it with respect. Love.) Content note for this post: discussion of hate crimes, so expect violence (including lethal and sexual) and discussion of various identities.

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Embarrassment Today

Imagine that you are a fly on the wall in a geriatric skilled nursing facility while the staff are eating lunch together. They’re all just chatting about their days, their families, their dogs. Someone turns the conversation to embarrassing stories from the workplace. What do you think these stories are about? (Spoiler alert & trigger warning: they’re all about unsolicited sexual attention.)

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