About pip

pip is the sole writer on this blog, and sy name is not capitalized.  Sa is genderqueer; preferred pronouns are the sa set or the they set, though any pronouns other than “it” will be accepted graciously. pip is an avid reader and tv-viewer who enjoys hiking and staring at clouds, though not at the same time. Many of pip’s friends are self-named old cat people; all of pip’s friends are fantastic people.

pip has a background in just about everything to a small degree and essentially nothing to a large degree. Sa is in the healthcare field, specifically working daily and personally with geriatric patients, but is wary about giving too many details in that regard. Sy main academic interest outside of sy professional zone, despite a dearth of spare time in which to delve into it in depth, is neuroplasticity.

Other interests that end up involving HA include fandom (and its canon sources), accessibility, gender, sexuality, education (on a variety of topics and also school systems), psychology, food, and just generally Being A Decent Person. Please call sa out if there are any instances of insensitive language, bad ideas, or misunderstandings.


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